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Our company

A tradition in innovation

Ratio Electric develops, produces and sells electrical power connection and distribution systems.  Our company is based in Holland and active throughout Europe. During half a century we gathered a huge amount of experience that is used to meet the latest demands in our markets. Doing so we built up a tradition in innovation with reliable and affordable products. These products are delivered to OEM's or distributed by specialized electrical wholesale companies, covering the following areas:


Ratio Electric provides high quality AC connection and charging systems for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. All these products i.e. portable charge stations, cables and sockets match the latest European standards.


We are at home in Datacenters. Our modular solutions for power management in 19-inch data racks contain a complete range of power distribution units (PDU's) as well as power cords.

Office and Industry

We are an industryleading manufacturer of power cords, cord sets, power strips, power plugs, power connectors and other power components. In tailor made solutions we can meet the highest demands.


Our Shore Power connection systems is the standard all over Europe. The MP16/32 boat inlets and cables are stylish and safe. Every marine product is designed to be practical and able to withstand the rigors of life at sea. That's why fleets of customers rely on our solutions.

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